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20 Chiana Icons

20 Chiana Icons for Round 20 of farscape_20in20.

THANK YOU to the awesome sayuri_x for the extension.  For some reason I thought these were due on the 31st, not the 30th, and since I always leave everything until the last minute...I worked so hard on these I think I would have cried had I not been able to enter.


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20 Farscape Icons

20 Farscape Icons for Round 19 of farscape_20in20 .


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Aeryn/Chiana in 92 words

Not even a microfic and a shifting POV but I wanted to write something today.

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Character musings

Thanks to damnedscientist 's latest thought-provoking post on Terra Firma, I inadvertently wrote an essay about Chiana this morning and thought I'd share it here as well, in case anyone was interested.  

It's not the most well thought out piece, and I missed some points I wanted to touch on, but it's the most writing I've done of any sort in awhile.  Thanks, Richard.

In which I long-windedly and off-topically respond to the idea that Jothee/Chiana was out of character.Collapse )


Fic: Drift

Title: Drift
Word Count: 210
Rated: PG-13
Fandom: Farscape
Setting: Early S4
Characters: Aeryn Sun

DriftCollapse )

Fringe Vid: Rag And Bone (Walter Bishop)

My first foray into vidding Fringe.  It's also been nearly two years since I've completed a video, so...

I'm rusty and it's simple, but I'm happy.  Unlike Walter.  Poor Walter...

Music: Sorrow by The National
Time: 3:30
Summary: Don't leave my hyper heart alone on the water. 
Spoilers: S1-S3 

26mb wmv
204mb hq mpg

Fic: Pressed to Earth

Title: Pressed to Earth
Word Count: 1936
Rated: PG-13
Fandom: Farscape
Setting: AU from Self-Inflicted Wounds
Characters: John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Chiana, Zhaan, etc.

Pressed to EarthCollapse )

Fic: The Last Familiar Outpost

Title: The Last Familiar Outpost
Word Count: 340
Rated: PG
Fandom: Farscape
Setting: S4
Characters: John Crichton, Chiana

The Last Familiar OutpostCollapse )

20 Farscape Icons

20 Farscape Icons for Round 13 of farscape_20in20 .

There were no themes per se this month, but I chose to do an overarching one :)


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